This Wood Guitar
By Kenneth G Redden

I'm going to make a wood guitar for all the world to hear.
It will play of love and life, for everyone to hear.
And when I make this wood guitar, it will sound so sweet.
It will say what I could not to whom I could not meet.
That maybe then this wood guitar will make a difference good.
They hear it play for all that right and think it in the wood.

But I know this wood guitar is much more than't may seem.
A part of me is in it then with song that I once dreamed.
And it will play this wood guitar for everything I said.
Knowing not what it has done for that what writ and read.
That when they hear this wood guitar and see what they did find.
They will delight for all that right they know it by the sign. 

See I am in this wood guitar with song that need be sung.
We live there contentedly, we come out with a strum.
That with a strum this wood guitar and I will start to play.
Of love and life and all that right for whom I could not say.
So maybe then this wood guitar with song we have to sing.
Will then be done when with a strum; and me I am the strings!

Thank you.

. 2020