I had a head injury with near death experience on April 10th, 1972; and was made aware of the KJV Bible by Jesus Christ. Thankful that Jesus had preserved my body, I asked if I could do something for Him and understood that He would let me. On the morning of 1/1/1990; my work began in the KJV Bible. Is it funny that today is 2018, and 1972 is eighteen years prior to 1990?

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Kenneth G Redden

November 18, 2018

The KJV Bible may key in passages of relevance using an underlying discourse pattern, uniquely adapted to the purpose of scripture; which is, to tell the story of Creation. Paul may key in passages of interest by using a relationship of likeness and similarity, ubiquitous in the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

In 2Peter 3:3-8, our model demonstration, the text gives us a clear picture of the days of creation. It begins from the beginning with, “Knowing this first” and the word, “days” in 2Peter 3:3. These;” pointers,” may be used to compliment the duality of man and woman. And the third verse may represent the beginning of the creation with the three times the phrase, “from the beginning”, occurs in the KJV Bible before the book of Psalms. It may be important to note how the phrase, “Knowing this first”, is used also in 2Peter 1: 20, as a possible compliment for the two ways one may read the KJV Bible.

Appearing in 2Peter 3, first in chapter one, verse twenty; “Knowing this first,” in chapter three, verse three is the beginning of our beginning and while, “Knowing this first,” is three words, “days”, is singular. The word, day, is used six times in 2Peter 3. The word, “days,” is plural, which may be for the plurality of the days of the creation. In Revelation 2:12-13, the name, Pergamos; which means, “height or elevation,” may be used to denote the place, “above the stars of God”. The name, Antipas, which means, “like the father,” may be used to apply, Name. Continuing in Revelation 2:13, “where Satan dwelleth,” may reference, “abode not in the truth,” in John 8:44; so, with the faithful martyr Antipas, Satan became a liar and “a murderer from the beginning.”

I believe that to sin in the KJV Bible, one is to break “law” of our Universe. This would include all law measured by Science.

The word, “place,” is in strong contention for the theory of multiple universes, beginning with, “place,” in Genesis 1:9.

The name Adam in Hebrews means Red and Redden is my name.






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